Sunday, October 18, 2015

Getting dressed for an exhibit presents a particular challenge. Wear your normal and everyone will assume you're nobody or own everything or get "too dressed" and you veer quickly into, practically wearing the art!

When attending an exhibit, the point is to view what's on display, right? So keep your outfit simple yet fashionable since the event itself, plus the artworks are already, of course, intricate, enthralling and vivid. I always opt for a casual laid-back look whenever I go to exhibits to give way to what's on display.

Of course you can wear anything you want. Express yourself with your clothing choices but pick stuff that you are comfortable in and that is appropriate for the event you're attending.

What I'm wearing: Over-sized button down (Thrifted), Shorts (Bench), Hat (H&M), Mandals (Hill & Deer), Bag (Thrifted)

Photos taken by Apple Bang

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