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Friday, May 06, 2016


Surfing has been in my bucket list for a very long time. I planned to go to Baler for surfing for my birthday last year, everything was planned perfectly, but I got cold feet that very same day and decided to give it a raincheck. I don't know, I just didn't feel the urge to surf that day. That would've been my first solo travel. Hmmm...

Until one day, 4/23/2016, I woke up feeling the urge to surf, packed my bag then hit the road to Baler for my very first ride on the wave!

I had no plans. I didn't know where to stay whilst in Baler. I googled the best hostel in Baler, of course I looked for the most affordable hostels because I didn't have enough cash that day. The Circle Hostel then popped from the list of search results. I immediately checked it out, mainly because of the hostel's design - it looked inviting and laid back.

As soon as I arrived at the hostel, I got excited seeing the cozy, artsy common areas - a big colourful bamboo structure filled with bean bags and hammocks will invite you to just chill and let the good times roll. I fell in love with this environmentally attuned haven!
Why I fell in love with The Circle Hostel
1. It is affordable! - when in Baler, you would want to save as much as you can from accommodation and food and splurge only on Surfing. It certainly takes time before you could manage to keep yourself balanced on the surf board. Once you do, trust me, you'll never want to stop! And as long as you are riding the waves, you are also paying for the surfboard (and the surfing instructor).

Get the hammock for only 450 PHP (10.47 USD) per night! Why pay more than 1000 PHP  (23.25 USD ) for a room you would barely use anyway?

2. Awesome social experience  - the perfect place to be when you want to meet new people and hear new stories! I like that all outlets are only installed in the common area, to increase the chance of making new friends. Sharing free breakfast with everyone will also give you the time to talk to others.

3. Artsy space for your Instagram feed! - Eyegasmic!! Every nook at the hostel is Instagrammable! Main design of the hostel are paintings, doodles and colourful calligraphy by guests. You can leave one too!
4. Well maintained facilities - Don't worry the common bathroom is squeaky clean!! You'd never run out of tissue supply. Though you might wait for your turn to use the shower room since there's only four shower rooms, of course four for male and four for female.
The kitchen is simple and has enough utensils for cooking. You can cook your own food, there is a 50 PHP (1.16 USD) rental for the propane.

The staffs are friendly and very attentive to our needs. Don't be shy to ask them to take your groufies! Lol!

Overall, bathrooms, kitchen and common areas are well maintained not only by the crews but by the guests as well.

The Circle Hostel is a place where walls do not exist! Truly, "There are no strangers here" as their slogan goes.
Xoxo, TNM







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  1. Sounds interesting!!! I'd definitely check The Circle Hostel once I go to Baler!
    Thanks for your helpful article :)

    1. must try Mary Ann.. Thanks for reading.

  2. This is one helpful write up! Thank you for these tips, I guess I won't be a headless chicken when I go there! See you Baler!

    1. Glad to help Dana Mae! Enjoy your trip :)

  3. Now I know where to stay while in Baler. I'm going back this September, have any activity recommendation? Thanks!

    1. Go check out The Circle Hostel! :)
      Baler is mainly known for Surfing, so never forget that Shaquille.

  4. Wow! Thank you for this! It made me wanna go to Baler at this very moment (12:57am) Haha. Looking forward to this kind of adventure too!

    Ps. Nice shots! :)

    1. Late night reading huh, Bea. Baler has so much to offer, add it to your bucket list.


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