How to wear the same clothes in different occasions

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Before this summer style post goes totally irrelevant, (well not really since it seems that summer is forever here in the Philippines, aside from rainy days of course.) let me share one of my summer #ootds. 

One useful tip I learned from our Fashion Styling class at FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) was how to properly mix and match different pieces to come up with your desired look. And when I say properly, I mean considering the right fit and cut, colour play, accessories, and appropriateness of the outfit to the event.

Like a blazer on top of a hoodie, jogger pants and a pair of New Balance 574 Classic will give you a casual-sporty look. 

Take this outfit for another example. I never thought I could wear my collarless button down outside the office, but when I paired it with chino shorts and completed the look with drawstring bag and a pair of boat shoes, it's now my new favourite summer-casual ensemble!

One crazy thing I do whenever I'm stuck at home or when I reluctantly wake up at 2 o'clock midnight during my off, ugh body clock problem tsk!, I have my own "fashion show" in my nook. I put on the most random and the weirdest combinations, totally disregarding the "Fashion Rules". In front my whole body mirror, I give my best awkward poses. Lol! Who would care if no one sees you, right?

But here's the thing, though it's totally weird I always discover great ensembles! Ensemble that I would never think of because I allowed myself to be limited only on the Fashion Norms; that if I go out of the box people would deem me as "trying-hard" or fashion suicide.

While certain rules are created to guide us, still we're all for freedom of choice, right? So wear whatever makes you happy!

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