Swim With Your Dreams

Sunday, October 16, 2016

It started as a curiosity. The thought of swimming with whale sharks consumed my imagination for weeks. It thrilled my gypsy soul. But I feared for my life, I mean are they really harmless? What if something goes wrong, can the people save me? What if I get eaten by the whale sharks? They're even bigger than boats you know. Yeah, don't tell me, I know, I can be so paranoid.

But this curiosity slowly turned into a dream. I imagined playing with them. I even dreamt of having a race with them, and I won! It gave me shivers. The excitement was unbelievable. "One day, I will" I promised myself.

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" Paulo Coelho is so right! Though getting to Siargao was the main plan, I saw an opportunity to make it happen! Because flying directly from Manila to Siargao can cost you an arm and a leg, I had to have a connecting flight from Manila to Cebu to Siargao.  And since I'm stopping by in Cebu, I've decided to extend my sojourn for three days. Of course, swimming with the giants was the only plan.

Slowly, that pixilated image turned into a reality right before my naked eyes.

I was here! It's surreal! 

This experience will be in my heart forever. My spirit was so high that day, that rich feeling of contentment granted by the magnificence of this planet we live in. My heart was full of gladness, gratitude deeper than the ocean. I couldn't contain this happiness, this blissfulness.
I closed my eyes, smiled purely, and said my "Thank you" to the universe.

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