Postcards from Potipot Island

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Situated a kilometer off-shore Uacon, Zambales is a heaven on Earth for us beach bums! The secluded island of Potipot is the perfect place to be when you just want to slow down in life and keep your thoughts away from the realm of grueling days.

With shores covered with fine white sand, tress to provide much needed shade, clear ocean water, surely you will be tempted to be at the beach the entire day! 

I have a lot to say why this is a must-see place, but enough of me yapping and I will let the pictures convince you to add this to your #bucketlist! XD

These photos are not enough to tell what a paradise this Island is. But hey, can you blame me if I let go of my camera after a few shots to indulge myself in this haven. Haha!

PS. Share to us one place that captured you unexpectedly. Let us know in the comment below!

Xoxo, TNM

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