Friday, March 04, 2016

They say that the situation you are in right now is the product of the decisions you had in the past. I agree. But the good thing is, decision never runs out. It is an inevitable chances that will always stand on our way. So whether you question the state of life you are living right now (like me!) or truly living your dreams, one thing is for sure, THE WHEEL KEEPS ON TURNING. And we are yet again making another decision.

Once upon a time, I was this really optimistic guy; I would always see the bright side of everything. I wasn't afraid to try and fail and if I do, I'll get up and try again. But everything changed the moment someone left my heart shattered to pieces. That breakup led me to lose my faith not just in love, but in everything except to God, of course. Although I kept breathing, I wasn't really over it no matter how much I convinced myself that I was.

One day, I got tired of crying and fooling myself that I am okay. I am not okay. It was when I decided I needed closure. Only after then I was able to move on and start to see the good things in my life and realized that I still have a long way before me - it was never too late to take chances and make decisions to bring me closer to my dreams.

And so I did! Who knew after what seemed like forever I am back to being a student again. Today will mark my first day at FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) and I couldn't contain my excitement that I've been up the whole night.

I am officially a working student. I am now officially both a "Digital Nocturnal" and a Fashion Student during the day. I just hope my body can keep up with the intensity of my drive in studying Fashion - I have never felt this way in my life!

Let me leave you with the "Life is short" sermon: So make the most out of it. Just like me, you too can still make decisions to do what you love.  Choose your battles wisely. Learn to forgive. Have time for yourself. Be carefree for a day. Be silly. Be imperfect. But never forget who you are. Follow your heart. Have faith in yourself. Glory days are coming! 


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